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Dressing up your London Asian escort

As a London Asian escort agency, we get a lot of requests and questions. It has come to our attention that many of you like your companions to look a certain way, or to dress in a particular way.

This is something that’s actually very common in the London Asian escort community. Asian escorts look particularly wonderful in uniforms and fetish wear etc. and clients are often requesting this sort of outfit. There’s nothing nicer than spending time with an escort when she is wearing precisely what you find attractive or sexy. After all, you are paying for the company of an escort, so you may as well have that company the way you want it. And another thing about a London Asian escort you will find is that, they are very eager to please and quite happy to dress up for you.

Give your London Asian escort some notice

It’s a good idea to let the agency know as soon as you can (preferably when you book) what it is you’re looking for in your escort. We are not talking about services etc. here, most of this can be discussed with your escort when you arrive. What we mean is their attire. Some of the girls will need to find various things and get themselves ready, so it’s a very good idea to make it clear to us when you call, just what you would like them to be wearing when you arrive, or perhaps what you would like them to bring with them to your hotel if that’s where they’re going!

Get your own Asian doll!

So, you see, you can have your very own live Asian doll if you like. Not that you’re going to be there when she gets ready (unless you ask her when you are there), but you do get to choose what she looks like. You get to go on the website and choose your girl, then you can choose what she wears! Truly dressing her up for the occasion. Don’t forget to tell us if you plan to go out to dinner etc. because your escort may need a change of clothes or to simply be ready for a dinner date.

Call us when you’ve made up your mind

Young Asian Escorts

Cure your low self-esteem with an Asian escort

It’s more common than you might think. It’s not easy for a man these days, and we recognise that. Men seem to have been catapulted into the 21st century without much warning at all, and much is expected of them. The trouble with expecting a lot from someone is that when they fail to deliver, it makes them feel very bad about themselves. We are going to discuss this in a little more depth and explain just how an Asian escort can help you regain your confidence.

Women haven’t had it easy, don’t get us wrong. They have struggled with centuries of inequality etc. but they have succeeded to a certain extent. The most important thing to remember here is that it’s been gradual with women. In so many cases a man has been expected to maintain his role as a bread winner, with a strong, somewhat implacable personality. Yet the modern-day man is also expected to have a sensitive side to him and become instantly domesticated and almost maternal with his children.

It ain’t easy being a man!

A lot of the problem is with female attitudes to men. They want the strong, wealthy and powerful man (an Asian escort favourite!), yet they then want to “tame” him to do practically everything and to change his personality. In fact, in many cases, when a woman has succeeded in doing this, they will discard their man entirely. This is because he is essentially no longer a man in their eyes. This is enormously crippling to a man of course. Also, if he attempts to be everything that is expected of him in this generation, and he fails, his self-esteem will take a massive hit. Not every man is the same. It’s at times like this that a man needs a boost, and this is where an Asian escort can be very useful indeed!

Book an Asian escort

Booking an escort is good fun and incredibly satisfying anyway, but booking an Asian escort is arguably the best. This is because the vast majority of these women can display those quintessential innate and subservient qualities that have attracted men for centuries. We’re not talking about being dominated here, we’re talking about being pampered and respected. Being made to feel happy and not have it held against you. An Asian escort is indeed the perfect tonic!

Young Asian Escorts

Duo Asian escorts: Twice the fun!

If you have never booked duo Asian escorts, you have almost certainly thought about it before. And the fact that you are reading this is evidence enough to suggest that you are on the cusp of booking a pair of lovelies to entertain you. We’re going to tell you a little more about our duo Asian escorts and just how they’re likely to rock your world!

The benefits of booking duo Asian escorts

Not only do you get the thrill of having two beautiful Asians in your hotel room, or at their apartment etc. you also get an added bonus that not many people remember. When there are two escorts with you, you will often find that their confidence levels are much higher. They feel more secure and more relaxed when they work with another girl. Not that they aren’t ordinarily you understand, it’s just that they’re twice as confident when they are together.

Duo Asian escorts really do know each other

When you book a duo from us, you can be sure that the girls actually know each other, and haven’t just been suggested to each other by the agency. To begin with, we’re not an agency like that anyway. Secondly, it’s important to realise that many Asians come to London to escort in pairs or even groups. There aren’t many young girls who come to London to pursue a career in escorting on their own. They would be very brave individuals indeed, and although most escorts are very confident, they’re probably not that confident in the beginning.

Genuinely bisexual

Another very important factor for those booking duo Asian escorts is they are genuinely bisexual. It’s a lot more fun when the two girls are into each other isn’t it? Well, as a professional agency, we wouldn’t dream of pairing up two escorts who were not genuinely bisexual, regardless of whether they know each other well. Many of our clients book duos because they like to see how the two girls interact with each other as well as with themselves.

Only Genuine bisexual duo Asian escorts here!

Young Asian Escorts

A temporary fix for the lovesick: Asian escorts

Whether you’re fresh out of a relationship, or you’ve been single for so long you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in one, Asian escorts are the answer to all your lovesick symptoms.

When you’re single, that lovesickness can hit you at any time, without warning. And we are sure you are aware that it’s really quite relentless once it takes hold. It doesn’t matter how disciplined you think you are, it will simply stay with you until you satiate it, or occupy your mind elsewhere. Well, because everyone is so very different, we’re going to advise you to satiate it. What one man likes to do to occupy his time, can be quite different to what another likes to do, so we’re not about to organise your leisure time. What all men have in common (or at least those here!) is their desire for female companionship.

Besides, if you’re lovesick, the only real way of curing your sickness is to love, right? We can’t promise you everlasting love, but we can speculate that you’ll get it for as long as you book with one of our Asian escorts. In reality, most men only really need an hour or two of that feeling, every once in a while. Or perhaps you’re a regular type of guy, who recognises the need and knows precisely when his lovesickness will strike? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Innately “loving” Asian escorts

You will be hard pressed to find a more loving companion than an Asian girl. We’ve been over this countless times before, so if you’re not a regular reader of our blog, we strongly suggest you go back and read some more posts. The short version is that Asian escorts are naturally giving individuals who like to make the men in their life feel good and happy. It’s something that seems to be engrained in them through their culture.

Book your Asian escorts from us

We have a very wide selection of Asian escorts to choose from: Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more. Do please take the time to browse our gallery and feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to pass on any requests to the girls too if you have any. It’s our intention to ensure you have a great escort experience, every time!

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