So you’re a classy guy? How about high class Asian escorts?

You know you want to! But we’re intrigued… Just what classifies high class Asian escorts for you? In fact, what classifies high class at all?

Let’s assume you’re talking about how classy your escorts are for argument sake. Meaning their attitude, taste and level of expertise, rather than their price. Because if there’s one thing we know that doesn’t rank a high class Asian escort in that category, it’s price! You can get very high class Asian escorts for very little compared with other London escorts.

High class Asian escorts have great taste

This is a fact, and we know because we list them here of course. We get to know where our girls go when they’re booked, what kind of hotels they stay in and what they like to get up to when they’re not escorting. The high class variety of Asian escorts are the ones who all speak excellent English, those who are not out of place in any hotel in the city, and those who can hold their own in any social environment without getting out of their depth. We would hasten to add here that not all Asian girls in the London escorting community are comfortable in high end places. But the ones who are can really hold their own, and show up most people if they put their mind to it. We’re talking about elegant, eloquent and highly intelligent young women here. Many have careers outside the escort industry, and as we’ve already mentioned, they’ve all got great taste!

Don’t ever be put off however. Just because the high class Asian escorts you see on our site appreciate the finer things in life, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the simple pleasures too. One thing you can say for sure about most Asian women is that they all have a degree of humility that isn’t present in other London girls. They’re not all out for an expensive night out at your expense you know. These girls are just as happy to join you in your hotel room and sip a modestly priced bottle of champagne and keep you company. They’re also happy to invite you into their incall apartments all over London.

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