Dinner Dates And Overnight Bookings Becoming More Popular For Asian Escorts In London

UPDATED OCT 1ST.  In the past six months we have seen a 30% increase in dinner dates and overnight bookings for Asian escorts in London. These “quality” engagements are becoming more popular than ever for professional men looking for more than sex.

We are seeing more and more clients taking escorts out on dinner dates, theatre shows, conferences and business trips. Essentially, our girls are getting paid to go out on an evening, to look pretty and make conversation. This growing professional companionship trend reinforces the fundamental truth that being an escort isn’t only about sex. What a lot of girls don’t realise is they can have a very fulfilling career as an escort and not giving sex. You can be paid to be beautiful and paid for your company, but you don’t have to have sex or feel forced into doing anything you don’t want to. Of course, many relationships between escorts and clients result in sexual intimacy, but it is not mandatory. This is the significant difference between escorts and prostitutes. Men who see a prostitute usually do so to have sex, but men who have an escort do not always expect to have sex. More than sixty per-cent of our clients want more than just sex. They want various levels of companionship. The amount of men who want Asian escorts who are competent in speaking English is a case in point. When we recruit girls we are looking for bright, intelligent, professional young women who are multi lingual, educated and in many cases studying for a professional qualification. Many of our clients are academics, businessmen, doctors, lawyers etc. They expect to have a good conversation, feel at ease with their escort. In fact they are looking for a girlfriend or partner, which is why all of our girls are trained to provide this high level of service. If you have a particular requirement please contact us and we will provide your perfect companion. All of our girls love their work and love meeting interesting clients.