Asian escorts really know how to move!

Asian escorts really know how to move!

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, or any Asian country that boasts a wide selection of “gentleman’s” clubs, then you’ll know it to be true of course. But have you ever booked your own private dancer? We thought we’d get you into the mood for your 2016 Asian escort bookings with a list of our top 5 movers – the Young Asian Escort’s with a reputation for giving the best, sexiest lap dance ever.

Now that’s one thing that all Asian escorts seem to be able to do with ease – dance. When you book Asian escorts it’s not the first thing on your mind we know, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask them to show you a few moves if you’ve got the inclination. You will find that Thai girls, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and any other Asian you could think of, have a rather natural ability to move. They also have a wonderful lust for western dance music influences. It’s almost as though they were born to come over to the UK and dance like this! So if you’re not planning on attending a motor show with dancing girls this year, you really should take advantage of your dancing Asian escorts!

Booking Asian escorts in London beats going to a strip club

It certainly does! Have any of you been to the popular strip joints in London? We’re talking about the Platinum Lace types here, and the Spearmint Rhino brigade. You know the places? Where they charge you a tenner for a bottle of beer and you have to share your appreciation of the fine dancing girls with 200 or more other guys! It doesn’t get much better at the lower end of the scale either, in those joints down old Shoreditch way does it? A pound in the pot and £20 for a private dance right? Well with Asian escorts you can get a whole lot more than this, and you get it all to yourself for not much more than it will cost you at either of these type of places.

Imagine booking one of our Asian escorts to come to your hotel, or better still to invite you into her home. You pay her the agreed fee, and you ask her nicely if she wouldn’t mind doing a little dance for you. If you’re lucky enough she will, but you’ll have to be especially nice of course! You already know that she’s going to look fantastic too, because you’ve picked her out of dozens of other Asian escorts on the website. Sounds good?

This is the beauty of booking your own private girls gents… And it doesn’t cost much more!

Our top five private dancers.

SOMIY – Japanese, 20

JUILY – Korean, 19

GINA – Japanese, 18

LEEQING – Korean, 19

FENG – Vietnamese, 18