ASIAN WOMEN MAY BE MORE SUBMISSIVE, BUT WE ARE NOT ALL EXPLOITED. The past couple of weeks have seen Asian girls in the news for all the wrong reasons – the shocking murder of two Asian women in Hong Kong and the disturbing story about Julien Blanc, a “dating coach” working for US company Real Social Dynamics, teaching men how to sexually assault women in Japan. In a video that has amassed over 50,000 views (and since switched to “private”). “Just go through Tokyo, grab girls and yell ‘Pikachu’ and put her head on your dick”, Blanc instructs his audience before showing footage of himself doing just that. This is nothing short of a lesson teaching how to rape. Blanc proudly posts photos across social media of him propositioning women in chokeholds using the hashtag “#ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld”. Asian women, consistently hypersexualised by western culture, have long been the targets of a predatory, booming sex-tourism industry. White western men travel to Asian countries to sexually exploit women on whom they project their Orientalist, racist fetishes. There is a large population of Asian Escorts in London. The fact that many Asian women are more submissive, more feminine, and therefore, more sexually attractive, however, does not mean we are all exploited. The majority of Asian Escorts in London are fiercely independent and work in this business entirely of their own free will. They are professional, successful women who choose to work as escorts because it represents an opportunity to make a lot of money relatively quickly. Some Asian Escorts in London make six figure salaries every year. We know of many young, professional Asian girls training as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc who work as Asian Escorts in London to help pay for their education. Vice versa, many Asian escorts go on to run successful businesses, backed by the money they have made from working as an escort. Of course there are dangers, but fortunately men like Rurik Jutting and Julien Blanc are in a minority. The high majority of our customers treat Asian Escorts with respect. The others, well they are not customers for long.