Ask a punter in London to describe their ideal escort and invariably

Ask a punter in London to describe their ideal escort and invariably most will paint a picture of a beautiful, exotic, petite oriental girl – an Asian Escort, with Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls usually at the top of their most desirable list. The irony is, however, many young Asian women do not see this when they look in the mirror or compare themselves to European girls, for example. We see this all the time, among Asian escorts in London – beautiful young women who, quite frankly, have a downer on themselves, created by distorted ideals of beauty, which are interpreted by Asian women on varying degrees of extremity. The recent boom in cosmetic surgery industry in countries such as South Korea, Japan and Thailand is a case in point and has something to do with achieving Western standards. Everyone wants big eyes and a slim face. In the UK, however, we have a different perspective of what Asian beauty should look like. We look at slanted eyes and typical Asian characteristics as appealing, but in Asia, they look for more Western features like light-colored hair and light skin. We believe young Asian women need to learn to embrace their unique features and force cultural norms to redefine what it means to be beautiful. Just take a look at our truly beautiful Asian escorts – and not an cosmetic procedure between them.