Busy Men are Turning to Asian Escorts for Commitment Free

Busy Men are Turning to Asian Escorts for Commitment Free Flirting, Dates, and Sex As lifestyles of young professional men get busier and faster, engaging in traditional forms of relationships and dating is becoming slightly less common while Asian escort services in London are experiencing more traffic than ever before, according to a new report by Young Asian Escorts, a London based provider of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Escorts. According to Kumi Hoshino, owner and founder of Young Asian Escorts, a growing number of professional 21-30 year-old men are turning to escort services rather than traditional dating agencies such as Zoosk, Elite Singles and Match.com. The report by Young Asian Escorts, based on customer trends in 2014, also reveals that many young professional men prefer Asian escort services to adult dating sites such as Click and Flirt, Up for It and Be Naughty. “We are seeing more professional 21-30 year-old men, who work in the city and have lots of disposable income, spending more of their time and money on Asian escort services,” said Hoshino. “These are the men who want a one-night stand, no-strings attached relationship with an attractive young professional female, who also happens to be more ‘exotic’ than they may find elsewhere. The monetary exchange is done on the basis of “companionship” but, of course, it’s very often about romance, which leads to sexual intimacy. “ Hoshino said Young Asian Escorts have seen a 25% increase in the number of professional 21-30 year-old men using their service, in the last 12 months. “The 2008 recession triggered a downturn in the number of young city professionals using Asian escort services, but numbers are picking up again,” Hoshino said. “The survey we conducted last year shows a clear trend of 21-30 year-old professional men placing their trust in Asian escort services rather than other online dating/sex sites. In terms of quality assurance, customer service and risk management, it is far better to spend a few hundred pounds with a reputable escort agency, than spend hours and hours submitting your profile to dating and sex websites and then taking the huge risk of meeting a stranger. Many of our clients actually form healthy, highly satisfying trust relationships with Asian escorts. Many clients come back and see the same girl every week. “