It Is Possible To Enjoy Great Sex With Escorts And Have A Happy Marriage.

UPDATE: We had such a fantastic response to this article, we decided to include the feedback in a customer survey. We asked 100 married customers to reveal how often they spent time with an escort and also to rate their marital love life on a scale of 1-5 – one being very poor and 5 being very good. The results were amazing and completely supported what we initially said in our blog.

  • Over 70% of customers who saw an escort more than twice a month rated their marital love life four or higher.
  • Less than 5% of customers rated their marital love life two or lower.
  • More than 80% of customers said seeing an escort actually boosted their marital love life.

It is possible to be with your wife, or with someone else in a loving relationship, and still have a great sex life with escorts. We have many, many happy clients who relieve their frustrations with an escort, which helps them to maintain a normal, healthy relationship at home. We write this in response to the recent anonymous letter published by the Sun newspaper on their Dear Deidre agony aunt page. The letter entitled ‘spending a fortune having sex with escorts to relieve my frustrations’,talked about how a sex addiction cost some guy his marriage. “I am 27 and my three-year marriage ended six months ago because my wife could no longer cope with my sex drive”, the letter said. “I am never short of sex now, but I do now find I miss companionship.” It is sad to hear that this persons marriage ended because of a sex problem. We often find the opposite though – guys using our escort service to satisfy needs their wives or partners cannot. This ensures their relationship survives, not ends. Our Asian escorts in London provide companionship for men in many different walks of life, all of them are looking for something that is missing in their lives. But it doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice one or the other. You can enjoy the company of a sexy, young Asian escort and still have a happy, loving relationship with your wife or long-term partner. It’s the best of both worlds.