Joining in the debate about whether the escort business in London

Joining in the debate about whether the escort business in London is ‘recession proof’ or not, Young Asian Escorts believe, while just like many other businesses up and down the UK, escort sales are affected by factors like rising rents and energy costs, the industry does not necessarily follow the same pattern as the economy. The escort website published a very interesting article this week looking at the supply and demand for escorts in London and whether it is linked to consumer spending. They came to the conclusion that it is not. We tend to agree, although that doesn’t mean the escort business is immune to economic factors. In 2013, a number of independent escorts and some escort agencies went out of business. They cited rising rents and energy costs and a reduced demand for services as the reason. Certainly between 2010-2013 many escort service providers reduced their prices to try and stay competitive. But with consumer spending recovering and with salaries expected to increase in 2015, escort sales are increasing and prices are, by and large, holding their own. We also want to stress that their is a difference between the financial health of the prostitution business and the escort business, just as their are fundamental difference between the two professions, which we will look at in our next news report. Many prostitutes in London have gone out of business or reduced their prices so dramatically that ‘punters’ have been able to buy sex, in come cases, for £30. The average price (per hour) of an escort in London is currently £170, with prices (in the Asian Escort business) ranging from £100 per hour to £350 per hour. The average price of an outcall (hotel or home visit) is currently £250 per hour.    30; 170; 100; 350; 250