Life Is Short. Visit An Escort



Long before Ashley Madison experienced the crisis that is now threatening to destroy the online adultery business, we were advising our customers to stay well clear of this highly popular, but highly risky service. To the people who had used the website for secret affairs and subsequently had their names and identifying details leaked online by hackers, we are not going to say “we told you so.”

But to the men who are still unsure about which way to turn to satisfy their need for extramarital relationships our message is simple – “stick with escorts, it’s safer, cheaper and much more fun.”

Ashley Madison- whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair” – is marketed to people looking for extramarital relationships with the promise of secrecy, which obviously fell apart in spectacular style when 33 million records of customers were leaked to the world and his wife. But, for the men who were paying customers of Ashley Madison, confidence and expectations in and for the service were challenged before the site was hacked.

To even get close to having an affair, you have to buy “credits” which are needed to do pretty much anything on the site (send a message, receive a message, start a chat, etc). The agency employs a number of robots which bombard male members with alleged fake messages that cost credits to open, and sending messages to the “too good to be true” ads costs credits as well and often goes nowhere. If a man is successful and picks an ad, which actually goes to an escort service (which is not uncommon) he’ll get intimacy (after paying her fee, of course), but he could’ve made the same connection on an escort website, directory or classifieds such as Backpage, etc for free and without the hassle of trying to figure out which ads were for escorts, which for fakes and which for real women twenty years and fifty pounds ago. The name of the game is throwing good money after bad in a futile effort to get something for nothing.

And this is where we really take issue with Ashley Madison. Promising extracurricular sex without monetary cost, commitment or risk, is a lie. In light of what has happened, one can easily argue that so called ‘free sex’ may be the most expensive sex. The irony is that Ashley Madison persuaded so many men to pay for its services using arguments such as “don’t have an office romance and risk losing your job. Don’t start a relationship with an unsuspecting single person and definitely don’t visit an escort service and risk breaking the law…we’re secure, anonymous and it was created exactly for people like you.”

Most educated men already know that visiting an escort service is perfectly legal – that fact is written in stone. The only conceivable risk involved in visiting an escort service is that you may enjoy it so much and find it so convenient, easy and satisfying you may end up getting addicted to the experience.