How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time With An Asian Escort In London.

Look at this new survey and discover how to get the most out of your time with an Asian escort in London.

Did you know that sexual excitability varies depending on the time of day? For example, our early bird clients need a quick thrill and get some energy for a new day. That is because most men reach their peak first thing in the morning. Before 9am, it’s usually “wham-bam-thank-you-maam.” Our lunchtime clients are also in the mood for a bit of frolicking, but between the hours of 12-2pm, men usually want a massage to get them in the mood, so we tend to get bookings between 45-90 minutes. It’s more relaxed. The straight after work client, however, is incapable of engaging in slow sex. He needs a fast one to get rid of his stress and negative energy buildup. Most bookings between 5-7pm are 30-45 minutes. Evening bookings, meanwhile, tend to be 1-2 hours because at this time of day, between 8-11pm, a man is ready to engage in long and slow lovemaking activity. And then there are the night owls, the 12-3am crowd, who tend to book outcalls to hotels for 1-3 hours, and usually want to relax with the girl, maybe have a drink and chat. Each to his own, we say, but it seems that there are optimum times for various levels of sexual excitability – a quick thrill before work, sensuous massage at lunchtime, energetic frolic after work, slow lovemaking in the evening and intimacy in the small hours. Hope this article was of interest. Young Asian Escorts are available 24/7. Call our friendly reception team to discuss your requirements.