Lunch hour London Asian escorts

Lunch hour London Asian escorts

You’d probably have to be on flexi-time mind you! We’re kidding of course, we know some of you gents get a lot of leeway when it comes to your lunch “hours” and it’s for this reason we’d like to make you aware that we have London Asian escorts ready for you. It’s a popular misconception that London Asian escorts only really get bookings in the evening. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it is actually testament to how discreet the girls can be if you really think about it! In actual fact, our London Asian escorts get quite a few bookings during the day. They love to make themselves available whenever their clients feel like some company and to maybe relieve some stress. We all know about how stressful life can be in the city, whether you’re working there or not right?

Call ahead so you get the London Asian escorts you want

We know you’re busy, but it really does help if you can call us as far in advance as humanly possible. The day before is perfect, but if you can’t do that and it’s a last minute thing, try to call us in the morning. You know, that time when the boss has given you a mountain of work to do, and you’re just thinking “to hell with that, I need some relief!” It’s at times like this that London Asian escorts can really rescue your sanity!

We’re not averse to last minute however!

You are lucky enough to be browsing an agency where the London Asian escorts are often ready, quite literally at “the drop of a hat!” We represent girls that are all very naturally beautiful, so they don’t need any time at all to be ready for you. They might need a few minutes to put something nice on for you of course. And if you have any preferences in this department, please don’t hesitate to let us know when you call us on the phone. We are always happy to pass on your preferences. It’s our aim to make you happy!

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