More and more Asian students are turning to escort work to fund their degrees.

UPDATED JUNE 2015: More and more Asian students are turning to escort work to fund their degrees. Young Asian Escorts can reveal that the number of students applying for work as an Asian Escort in London has soared by 64 per-cent in the last year. “We are inundated by enquiries from young women aged between 19 and 24 who need to work to pay their tuition fees,” said Young Asian Escorts CEO Kumi Hoshino. “Financial support for students is inadequate, which is why many young Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls are contacting us asking for work.”

Hoshino admits there are those who believe that escort work is exploitation.  “To them, these are naive and vulnerable young women who are to be pitied and rescued from their plight,” she said. “But ask the girls who want to work as escorts and you will hear a different story. They take the view that they are empowered women who simply have the intelligence and motivation to turn a profit. We are talking about strong individuals choosing to benefit from an opportunity.

“Young Asian Escorts have hired six new recruits this year. All are university students who will be working as Asian escorts in London on a part-time basis. Some of these girls will earn between £1,000 and £3,000 a month, mainly being wined a dined by professional businessmen. It is a good work if you can get it,” Hoshino said.

According to the Young Asian Escorts CEO, many of her escorts are also showered with designer presents. “I know one wealthy client who bought his escort Jimmy Choos, Dior shoes, dresses and jewellery,” Hoshino said. “Other girls have received iPhones, iPads, shopping vouchers for Harrods. It is nice. The escorts work hard and they deserve to be pampered occasionally.”

While Hoshino freely admits that her escorts are charging for her company, she is adamant that their behaviour is nothing like prostitution. “Our customers are guys just looking for relationships,  we never referred to anyone as a punter and God forbid should we be called hookers. But you have to put a label on something – these men saying “I’ve got all of this money but I don’t know where to meet these girls”.  We offer a service  something to be bought,  but fundamentally, people are always going to make trade-offs in relationships and we’ve all got different things to offer.  Our escorts have beauty and personality. Our clients have the means.”