The No1 Reason Why Your Sex Life is Suffering

Being mentally and physically exhausted from working too many hours can damage your sex life. We meet so many men who struggle to perform in bed and the most common reason for the problem is their work life is beginning to interfere with their sex life and also their marriage. It’s a viscous circle – work stress interferes with their sex life at home and then they visit an escort in the hope of easing their frustration, only to find work life is also affecting their sexual performance outside the marriage. Work stress is the number one reason why mens sex lives suffer. We understand that you may be working so hard to provide for your family and further your career, but despite the demands of your work, you have to make time for pleasure. Don’t wait until the end of the day to have sex; try finding alternate times to enjoy sexual pleasure. Instead of waiting until late at night after you get home, when you are exhausted and just want to fall into bed, consider early-morning sex or having sex at lunchtime or immediately after work. Look at the many sexy young Asian escorts we have available and de-stress yourself today – you never know it may put the spark back in your marriage.