What’s the difference between Chinese London escorts and British London escort?

What’s the difference between Chinese London escorts and British London escort?

To begin with, we could argue that there a great many British escorts that are actually Chinese London escorts. We’re talking about appearance predominantly when it comes to the Asian escorts we represent. But what other differences are there?


It’s the same with any other nationality or ethnicity really; when you’re comparing them to English girls. Some Chinese London escorts are not as well versed in the English language as others, but you’d get the same from Europeans or any other Asian race like: Japanese, Korean, Thai and Malaysian etc. To some clients it’s actually a bit of a turn on to have a Chinese London escort that doesn’t have strong English language skills. It somewhat reinforces the whole subservient, innocent persona that so many Asian escorts have (or affect and exploit of course!) It’s a different desire from that which we get from other nationalities of escort. Broken English can still be a massive turn on from a Russian escort for example, but the whole innocence and subservience thing isn’t there in the same way.

Size and appearance

Chinese London escorts are generally smaller. Most of them have petite frames, they’re shorter in height, and slim in build. Chinese girls are usually pretty trim and athletic looking. We’re not quite sure why this is to be honest, but you really don’t see many fat Chinese women do you? Is it their diet? We don’t think so, not considering that some of the Chinese London escorts we represent, spend a great deal of time eating out in restaurants and living the high life. Perhaps it’s just an inherent genetic thing in the Asian races, a slim gene if you will!

Again, this is another factor that a number of our clients find enormously attractive. Chinese London escorts don’t usually have big boobs or anything like that, but what they do have is virtually always, perfectly in proportion! What could be better than a lovely looking Asian girl with pert boobs and bottom, with a lovely proportioned figure?

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