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Duo Asian escorts: Twice the fun!

If you have never booked duo Asian escorts, you have almost certainly thought about it before. And the fact that you are reading this is evidence enough to suggest that you are on the cusp of booking a pair of lovelies to entertain you. We’re going to tell you a little more about our duo Asian escorts and just how they’re likely to rock your world!

The benefits of booking duo Asian escorts

Not only do you get the thrill of having two beautiful Asians in your hotel room, or at their apartment etc. you also get an added bonus that not many people remember. When there are two escorts with you, you will often find that their confidence levels are much higher. They feel more secure and more relaxed when they work with another girl. Not that they aren’t ordinarily you understand, it’s just that they’re twice as confident when they are together.

Duo Asian escorts really do know each other

When you book a duo from us, you can be sure that the girls actually know each other, and haven’t just been suggested to each other by the agency. To begin with, we’re not an agency like that anyway. Secondly, it’s important to realise that many Asians come to London to escort in pairs or even groups. There aren’t many young girls who come to London to pursue a career in escorting on their own. They would be very brave individuals indeed, and although most escorts are very confident, they’re probably not that confident in the beginning.

Genuinely bisexual

Another very important factor for those booking duo Asian escorts is they are genuinely bisexual. It’s a lot more fun when the two girls are into each other isn’t it? Well, as a professional agency, we wouldn’t dream of pairing up two escorts who were not genuinely bisexual, regardless of whether they know each other well. Many of our clients book duos because they like to see how the two girls interact with each other as well as with themselves.

Only Genuine bisexual duo Asian escorts here!

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